1057 The Point HO HO Show #4 with Blue October at The Pageant – December 13th, 2014

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This was the 4th Ho Ho Show of 2014 which featured Blue October, and here are a few points I have to make after seeing them.

  1. This band is a magnet for females, the bulk of the crowd consisted of women ranging from their 20’s to their mid 30’s.
  2. This was apparently a family friendly rock show as I saw many parents with their teenager in the crowd.
  3. Vocalist Justin Furstenfeld has had extreme drug or depression problems and brought up overcoming his issues throughout the entire show…boo hoo, you’re a vocalist in a rock band doesn’t that go along with the stick?
  4. I was not a fan of the repeated chunky guitar riff nature of their songs but many people are, as the room was far from empty.
  5. I don’t get this band at all.

1057 The Point HO HO Show #2 with Alt-J, Vance Joy, and Meg Myers at The Pageant – December 3rd, 2014

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This show was the 2nd of 5 1057 The Point Ho Ho Shows scheduled this year and it came bringing the thunder in a surprisingly small package…I am referring to non-other than Meg Myers of course.  She was actually the very first act of the night, in which she was followed by Vance Joy and then headlining act Alt-J.  Here are many things I can say great about Meg Myers:

  1. Homegirl has the intensity of a lion!  Her performance includes her jumping around, randomly yelling in agony, throwing her lovely locks around, and basically rocking the fuck out!  That is what every great vocalist should do for a crowd.
  2. She plays an instrument, the bass, which is always good to see in a band with a lead vocalist.
  3. Her voice is powerful and it’s just amazing live.
  4. She is much more than looks, but damn she is freaking easy on the eyes.
  5. She engaged with the crowd and was enthused them throughout her entire set.

Pretty much the reason I wasn’t impressed by Alt-J and Vance Joy is because their sets were completely opposite from Meg Myers, the other two acts didn’t represent anything close to the list of good points I could point about about Meg’s set.  Also Alt-J’s lighting can take a face plant and die a horrible death, they might as well have thrown that bastard in a closet and let us try to photograph him.  It made the second and last time I will ever entertain the thought of shooting an Alt-J show, #fuckthat.

1057 The Point HO HO Show #1 with Bush at The Pageant – December 2nd, 2014

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Bush came back to the STL to show our city, and the devout 1057 The Point listening audience, some love by starting this years string of Ho Ho Shows off with a bang.  In the last two years this is the third time Gavin has graced our city with his presence, which I find great being that before then it had been since 1996 that the band played here.  This show in particular was a night packed with memories of high school crushes played to the tune of “Glycerine” at a time when “Everything” was “Zen”.  I know, I know that is horribly cheesy, but this band will always have a fond place in my heart as Sixteen Stone was released at a time when I was about 13, learning to play guitar, and trying to figure out how to appeal to the opposite sex.  Gavin was kind of a sex symbol to all girls who were teenagers between 1994-2000, and this night he enchanted the crowd by his constant power slides and dramatic stares into the balcony that still made the women in the room scream!  The set itself was short but filled with every hit/radio single that Bush has ever been known for over the span of their career.  I will never pass up a chance to photograph this band and if you grew up listening to 90’s music you owe it to yourself to see Bush the next time they play a city near you.

Ha Ha Tonka at Off Broadway – November 28th, 2014

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This Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, only gave me more to be thankful for because it was the first time I was able to catch a Ha Ha Tonka show.  This has been a personal struggle for me as over the last couple years some conflict has always came up that has kept me from making it to their show.  I was bound and determined to catch this band this time come hell or high water and I’m so glad I did!  Below are some things I loved most about the show.

  • The band to my surprise played a very wide variety of music from their catalog that spans across four different releases, I was very happy to hear so much from Death of a Decade because it is was made me fall in love with this band in the first place.  They completely blew my mind with their latest release Lessons, and hearing them perform their material live further sold me on this group.
  • About 5 songs in the band announced that the show was being recorded for a live release and it made everyone freak…it was AWESOME!
  • Vocalist, Brett Anderson, is such a great frontman and the crowd could really see he was enjoying himself.  This only adds to the intensity in the room and it was kind of magical to experience, it by far doesn’t happen enough at shows.
  • All the members harmonized in a way that made you stop and just focus on what you were hearing.  It really was almost better than their recordings.
  • I will forever try to see this band live anytime I can.

The Urge at The Pageant – November 22nd, 2014

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The Urge just wrapped up a two show set of gigs at The Pageant over the weekend, the first of one was on Saturday, November 22nd.  I had many of my fellow photographer buddies tell me for years that I needed to take the opportunity to photograph The Urge if it ever became available, and I completely get why they enjoying shooting this band now.  Below are some things I thought were unique about The Urge concert experience.

  • People are pretty fanatical about this group in our town.  They play very often and still manage to sell out their shows every time.  I think the nostalgia of them being so tightly connected to St. Louis and the fact that they formed back when they were all in high school really has stuck with a lot of their fans.
  • Hearing people chant “Play That Mother Fucking Urge Shit” (PTMFUS) in the Halo Bar was awesome to witness and only further reiterated that they are still a very big deal for a lot of people in the STL.
  • Their sound live is very powerful with chunky guitars, soaring horn and sax sections, and Steve Ewing’s bellowing vocals that it’s kind of hard not to jam to their tunes as your standing in the crowd.
  • The lighting was freaking amazing and it really helped to produce some nice images from a photography stand point.

New Politics at The Pageant – November 12th, 2014

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So this show was a pretty fun one for me.  I discovered many new things about New Politics this evening, below are a few choice things I recall from shooting this show.

  • These guys are from Denmark.
  • They have some pretty bad ass lighting.
  • Girls absolutely freak out over them as they are kind of three pretty boys.
  • All the members totally rock the hell out on stage and offer some fun shots to capture.
  • It was great to have the whole set to shoot so I could capture how much they interacted with the crowd.

The New Pornographers at The Pageant – November 10th, 2014

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The New Pornographers is a band that I’ve heard of for years but am not very familiar with, although I’m a pretty big fan of Neko Case who is an on and off again member in the band.  Having her perform that evening was awesome and that pretty much made the show for me, in fact I have nothing more to really say about it.  Although hearing a smattering of this bands catalog live made me realize that I needed to investigate them a bit more as they do write some great fucking songs.