Frank Turner at Off Broadway, 2.21.12

Last night at Off Broadway I experienced a great night of music from two artist I knew nothing about prior to getting there.  Frank Turner was the headliner and Cory Chisel opened the show.  I’m noticing a trend in indie music these days where many acts take the less is more approach and Cory Chisel has mastered that.

This folk rock duo is paired magnificently!  His song bird Miss Adriel Harris sang beautiful melodies and filled in accompaniment with her keyboard, which blended perfectly with Cory’s acoustic strumming and soulful vocals.  Corey commented on not having any merch available at the show but from what I could tell many people went home and Googled them to find out more, I know I did.  As their set concluded the crowd got tighter, pulling towards the stage in anticipation for the main act.

From the minute the lights went down until the end of Frank Turner’s set the crowd was loving it.  Frank at many times commented on how he encourages crowd participation and as you looked around the room it was interesting to see all the people joining in to sing along.  Frank’s professional musical roots go back to an English band, Million Dead, which he disbanded in 2005 so he could pursue a solo acoustic career.  If you catch one of his shows you’ll discover that his career move appears to be working out just fine for him.  There were so many young faces in the crowd connecting emotionally that for the first time in a long time I had faith that there is still a music scene in town with people craving to find that next new thing…I found it an awesome experience to be a part of.

Please enjoy some of the photos from last night and let me know what you’re thinking!


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