Mutemath, 2.28.12 at The Pageant

Yesterday started out my six day stint of shooting shows and MuteMath was prefect to start off with.  The opener, Canon Blue, who I unfortunately missed photographing was absolutely awesome to listen to!  It is always a plus when you go to a show and the opening act has their own unique qualities aside from the headliner.

Canon Blue hail from Nashville and have a sound that is very remnant of Ra Ra Riot but down an octave.  Their sound was crisp and clear with well constructed harmonies that seemed to sore straight through the crowd.  Their latest release Rumspringa is actually a solo effort from singer songwriter Daniel James, after seeing them last night you can hear the contrast these songs have live compared to their recorded versions.  I suggest checking out track three from Rumspringa, “Indian Summer”, which really represents the overall sound of this band in my opinion.  Canon Blue was only the intro to this rock production, there was still more in store for this anxious crowd.

After the usual wait you go through in between sets the lights went down and you could hear the crowd’s anticipation for something I had no idea was about to happen.  From the photo pit you could hear a commotion moving through the crowd which was actually the band parading towards stage.  In a procession of stringed lights and loud cymbals, MuteMath made their entrance and within minutes the show was in full effect.

From a photographers stand point concert lighting would probably be pretty boring if we were in charge of the board, this show was all about visually stimulating the crowd.  In a flash of three songs, I was kind of left with an energy hangover as I made my way to the back of the house.  You can tell this band loves what they do and are interested in delivering a performance that leaves the crowd feeling like they just witnessed a show or a big time lighting display.  Last nights crowd defiantly walked away not feeling like they simply saw a rock show on a random Tuesday night.

Enjoy the photo’s I captured and please let me know your thoughts on this band, the show, concert photography, or anything else that is on your mind!


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