Eddie Money at Lumiere and Blind Pilot at Plush, 3.2.12

So I couldn’t have asked for a more random night than what I experienced last night.  Two shows to shoot on one night that were no more than an hour apart, each were completely different and interesting to be a part of.  Show #1 was at the Lumiere Place Theatre and the other show was at a new club called Plush, I was not prepared for what was in store for me at either venue.

Lumiere Place Casino has a theatre that is great for an intimate show, its small enough to where you can stand at the back of the room and not feel too far away from the action.  There is no stationary seating so the room has the capability to be set up in a number of different room sets.  As I watched the crowd file in it was an interesting mix for middle aged adults who seemed fairly anxious to see Eddie Money, I heard conversations of people discussing set lists.  This is interesting to me because it is easy to forget that no matter how much an artist fades out of the lime light, successful artists still maintain a certain group of devout fans.  When Eddie took stage his age showed in his appearance but his performance maintained the same energy that his hits portray in their recorded versions.  Being 30 and much younger when Eddie Money had their big string of chart topping tunes, it was refreshing to hear the list of songs that I never realized were performed by Eddie Money.  The second song of the set was “Walk On Water” which took me back to a time when I was around five years old and Y98 was playing that song on heavy rotation.  My mom and I would rock that song out like nobody’s business in our old black four door Chevy Impala!  Unfortunately I couldn’t stay until the end to hear “Shakin” because I had to make it over to Plush for my next unique concert experience of the night.

As I drove up to Plush it reminded me of a bigger and newly remodeled version of a club in Seattle called The Crocodile Cafe.  Plush is not only a concert venue and bar but a full functioning eatery open for breakfast at 7am!  The side of the building that acts as the concert venue has an upstairs balcony that seems to have a bit more room than the Old Rock House.

The first band to take stage was an act from theSeattlearea called Cataldo, who oddly enough reminded me of Death Cab For Cutie because they also hail from the same area.  Cataldo’s sound had that float in the air quality and the vocal harmonies paired perfectly with the finger strummed acoustic guitar played by front man Eric Anderson.  The set ended and seemed to please the crowd who was waiting in excitement for Blind Pilot to take stage.

As I tried to get myself ready for the main act of the night, I started chatting with the Blind Pilot fans around me who were some of the most passionate and polite fans I’ve ever witnessed at a show.  One man I spoke to had his entire family with him, which he does often.  It was comforting to see his eight year old daughter excited to try and catch the attention of Kati Calborn, who plays the banjo in Blind Pilot, as she sported a pink sequenced hat that apparently had been commented on by the band at a previous show.  There was also a couple fromSpringfield,Illinoiswho were big fans that traveled from time to time to catch the band as well.  Going to a show of a band you’re not familiar with and seeing a packed house of fans that are intimately connected to the band makes for an absolutely enjoyable show.

As Blind Pilot took stage their sound was not lacking in fullness consisting of upright base, keyboards, trumpet, drums, guitar, vibraphones, and at times banjo or dulcimer.  This band of six members fromPortland,Oregonhad such a well constructed sound and after I was done photographing I just slipped to the back of the room to just take it all in.  The music and the vibe in the room were full of energy and did not lack one bit, delivering a perfect night of independent music at a local club in the heart ofSt. LouisCity.  Anyone who doubts that this Midwest “small town city” has anything good to do on a Friday night needs to pay more attention to the bands that clubs like Plush are bringing in on a regular basis.

Please enjoy the above photos; they go in order of Eddie Money, Cataldo, and Blind Pilot.  Let me know what you thought about the show and if you didn’t attend feel free to add to this discussion on local indie rock shows!


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