VNV Nation at Firebird, 3.3.12

Last night was my first experience at an ‘”electronic” music show and I can say I was entertained but not converted to a fan of this genre of music.  VNV Nation is an English/Irish electronic band fromDublinlead by front man Ronan Harris, their stage setup consisted off two backing keyboard/synth players and an electronic drum kit as well as an extensive lighting set up.  From a spectator stand point the show was visually stimulating but presented a huge challenge when it came to photography.  Opening act Strafthanz, fromGermany, were entertaining as well and only consisted of two vocalists singing over an electronic wall of sound generated from a lap top with an external MIDItrigger.  They seemed to like the energy the crowd displayed as they instructed them to be engaged by clapping and shouting one word phrases on cue, as an opener they did a fantastic job.

In all it was nice to be exposed to something I would have never sought out but I’m old school.  A concert for me will always need physical instruments and an acoustic drum kit.  Please enjoy the photos, the first two are Strafthanz and the last two are of VNV Nation.  Thanks for taking interest in this blog and if you would like to follow Indie Image STL please sign in and click the “follow” button in the bottom right of your screen!


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