Shinedown Acoustic Show at Pop’s, 3.6.12

My day job at times provides me with some pretty fantastic opportunities and last Tuesday was one of them. One of the radio stations I work for did a promotion to give away 105 tickets to club members for a Shinedown acoustic show at Pops in Sauget,Illinois. It was intimate and unique, so much that for the first time I enjoyed listening to this band.

As Shinedown’s vocalist Brent Smith and guitarist Zach Myers took stage the atmosphere in the room quickly changed to more of a VH1 Storytellers type vibe. As someone who hasn’t followed Shinedown it was interesting to hear Brent go into detail on origins of songs, as well as some of his background growing up which helped to shape many of Shinedown’s hits. It was also explained that what the crowd was witnessing was a promotional tour like record companies did more frequently in the past in partner with local radio stations, which I would love to see happen more. The most touching part of the evening was during the meet and greet with the band when a kid, no more than 10 years old, was introduced to Brent and Zach. The boy went on to explain that he is often bullied and found comfort in Shinedown’s music, this dovetailed perfectly into Brent’s explanation given during their set regarding their song “Bully”.

In all I walked in to this photo gig expecting to not have any take backs but it gave me another perspective on this band. As trendy as their hooks may sound you can really tell these musicians create their style of music from a love for the craft. Enjoy the pics and hit me back with your take on Shinedown.


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