Doomtree at Firebird, 3.10.12

Over the last few weeks I’ve been delving into the wide spectrum of live music that comes through St. Louis and Saturday night was no exception to the experiences I’ve recently encountered.  The Firebird itself is always unique as the bands and crowds that frequent there are never the same night to night.  Doomtree especially brought a unique vibe, crowd, and music styling that seemed to delight the less than sold out attendance at the club that night.

Having never seen a rap concert, other than Snoop Dogg at Lollapalooza back in 1996, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  When Doomtree took stage it was evident that one thing made them stand out from other groups, the band consists of seven members.  Photographing them was also surprisingly a challenge as even with the smaller size stage at Firebird, each member made their way frequently from side to side as they flowed through lyrics over tracks paired with chest pulsing beats.  I found that each member was unique in their own right as well; my eyes were absolutely glued to female vocalist Dessa who delivered her performance with genuine emotion and conviction.  That is something that you don’t see in every artist and it’s a treat to capture that phenomenon in the moment.  Rapper Sims was also entertaining to watch who seemed to come out of his shell more and more as the performance progressed with energy.

I am not a huge hip hop or rap music fan, in fact most of what I listen to in those genres is 10+ years old and I have to saw Doomtree put on a really entertaining show.  I’m thankful for the opportunity to see them as I wouldn’t have ever heard them if the chance to shoot the show hadn’t presented itself.  My goal recently has been to not seek out new music but to experience whatever crosses my path; it has been educational to say the least.

Give me your thoughts whether they are positive, negative, incomplete, or a dissertation.


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