NYC Online Advertising Conference 3.20_3.22.12

Yesterday I got back from my first visit to the “Big Apple” and unfortunately I wish I would have had more time to spend there.  With this being a work trip for a conference, my days and evenings were primarily scheduled for team building activities so I got to experience some fine restaurants but that was about it.  On my last night is this city that seems to never sleep, I did get a chance to visit Ground Zero.  Even though I arrived after the memorial and museum were closed for tours, just being there was enough.  I got to take a shot of one of the new towers as well as the steeple of the church that is in front of where the original tours had stood.  Little did I know this church was very unique because with all the damage that happened in the downtown area this building only had one cracked window and nothing more.  Overall it was very surreal as that one day will forever be comparable to such tragic events asPearl Harborand the assassination of President Kennedy; I will never forget where I was that day.  Seeing the horror on TV and remembering that experience left me with an eerie feeling even though the city itself seemed to be back to normal, as normal as a community could be after going through such a catastrophic event.

Enjoy the photo’s and let me know your thoughts on New York, I will defiantly be revisiting there someday so I can say I did more than work, eat, and drink during my stay.


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