Young The Giant & Grouplove, 3.29.12 at The Pageant

So last night was the first time maybe ever that I’ve went to a rock show and felt old.  Last night The Pageant was filled with such a huge amount of young people ranging from teens to kids in their early twenties, that their energy almost exuded a tangible being throughout the venue.  There were many times between sets that random cheers would break out, so loud it just sounded like a wall of noise being pushed from the back of the room to the front of the stage.  I defiantly felt out of the loop and this sense of energy paired perfectly with both Grouplove and Young the Giant as they hit the stage to delivery stellar sets.

Grouplove opened the show and I was most taken by members Hannah Hopper and Christian Zucconi, the two of them were fire crackers that just burst into movement as they enjoyed jamming to their music in between vocal melodies.  I was pleasantly surprised to here that their song catalog really stood up to their single “Tongue Tied” which they ripped into towards the end of the set only to take it a step further by tagging the end of the song with a pop/rock version of “Wanna Dance With Somebody” by Whitney Houston.  Even though most everyone in the room was not even born when Miss Houston had a hit this song it was comforting to see everyone in the room dance and sing along.  In fact if it was to pay homage to Whitney, they pulled it off better than Chris Cornell (look up his acoustic version of “I Will Always Love You” and insert ear plugs).  After Grouplove ended their set it dovetailed into Young the Giant perfectly.

As Young the Giant took stage I didn’t know what to expect as the roadies were setting up the stage.  In the center were two mic stands, placed side by side.  One was a standard vocal mic and the other was the old Shure silver 50’s style Elvis mic, so coming from an audio background I was interested to hear what was going to happen with that combo.  Again as the crowd waiting for the Giants there were out bursts of random chanting and clapping, this built the anticipation for the band to take stage.  As vocalist Sameer Gadhia took stage the light show was in affect and the crowd was ready for what they had to deliver.  Energetic and in your face was their set, really at times putting forth more of a rock performance than a pop performance which is interesting based on their current single in rotation “Cough Syrup”.  As a photographer in the pit I was struggling to get my camera settings correct as the lights erratically changed with the upbeat tempo of each performance.  After I had a chance to enjoy the show as a spectator I was impressed by the stage set up and appreciated the show Young the Giant presented to the crowd.

Last night was great to experience and that isn’t it for my concert coverage, so stay tuned for more reviews from other shows around the city as I go from venue to venue throughout the weekend.  Let me know your thoughts about Grouplove and Young the Giant!


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