Sixpence None The Richer, Lumiere Place Theatre 3.31.12

Since I’ve started this photo blog I’ve been able to experience many concerts, most of which I had no idea what I was getting myself into until I showed up at the venue.  Last night was kind of exciting for me as the band I photographed had their hay day during my favorite time period of music, the ’90’s.  Everyone who was in high school in the ’90’s and watched melodramatic shows like Dawson’s Creek will remember the Sixpence None The Richer song “Kiss Me”, which kind of paints the airy feeling of teenage love.  This youthful feeling must have gotten left behind by the audience 20 years ago, forgotten like the Converse chucks and flannel shirts that most everyone has in the bottom of their closet.

Sixpence started this show off with a slew of new material which I find endearing in a band that has been out of the mainstream for so long. It shows integrity and that as musicians they are trying to artistically expand as opposed to just rehashing renditions of their hits.  Unfortunately the most disappointing aspect last night was again the crowd.  In between songs it was so quiet that if you made a comment to the person next to, you had to whisper because you felt like everyone could hear you clearly.  The room was filled but the audience remained seated and sedentary as the band blew through the first 8 to 10 songs of their set.  In fact lead vocalist Leigh Nash commented on how quiet everyone was, which was just made more awkward by the one dude in the front that thought it was his chance to directly comment to Leigh in the middle of their set.  I was also astonished that Leigh didn’t get a bigger rise out of the crowd when she mentioned a local legend in the St. Louis music scene, Beatle Bob, whom was a staple at live shows but has been seen less and less over the years.

In all I felt Sixpence put on a good show, had a tough crowd to play for, and still sounded great.  Please feel free to share your thoughts on the show last night, on the band, or share in the simple pleasure of reminiscing about the 1990’s and the music that was the soundtrack of our youth.


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