Youth Lagoon and Porcelain Raft, Firebird 4.3.12

I’m slowly finding out just exactly what the life of a free lance photographer is all about.  This would be first and foremost the countless nights away from home spent at a club around kids 10 years younger than you, pulling all nighters to edit photos so you can focus on your 9-5 during business hours, and many times doing extra work for free.  What I’ve just described paints a picture that most would question, “Is it really worth it?”  Getting to do what you love and making art keeps this machine moving.  Also the hope that one day this “hobby” becomes a job and the rare occurrence of stumbling across a new band you would have never found out about otherwise is a driving force as well.  Tonight was all about my last point.

The Firebird hosted the Youth Lagoon show with supporting act Porcelain Raft.  When waiting to enter the club I heard a fantastic sound check of airy indie/electronic pop rock that made you want to jump in the car and drive until the melody stopped.  I assumed this was Youth Lagoon and in fact it wasn’t, it was Porcelain Raft.

Porcelain Raft is actually one man, Mauro Remiddi, who hails fromRome.  His band consisted of himself and another artist who played percussion.  This band really impressed me, which is a shocker because they are not a traditional rock band with two guitars, a bass, and drums.  In fact Mauro had his rig all ran through the sound system through a series of different affects and triggers that blended seamlessly to form a wall of sound that you couldn’t help but tap your foot or nod your body to.  I had to stop photographing after the first few songs so I could enjoy the music and for me anymore concerts are all about photography so I was delighted to have something spark my passion for music at a show.  It rarely happens that an opener serves the crowd a hearty performance; personally I could have stood for a second helping of this band.  As they ended their set the crowd was primed for the main act.

In waiting for Youth Lagoon you could tell this was the act the crowd was really there to see.  This band was very much like Porcelain Raft which consisted of a main singer songwriter/composer, Trevor Powers, who is oddly enough on the label Fat Possum.  This label also has such acts as the Black Keys and Heartless Bastards in their family of artists.  Trevor had brought a guitar player on tour with him and manned the rest of the instruments from two keyboards that had an array of differentMIDIaffects that were mixed along side an electric guitar.  The crowd absolutely loved what Youth Lagoon had to offer, I unfortunately was still stuck on the opener which may have been due to my age gap with the majority of the crowd.  Before the show started I had a conversation with a young man, 17 years old, and a young lady, 18 years old, who were both still in high school.  They were both there to hear Youth Lagoon and were interestingly bashing Nirvana which didn’t help from making me feel old.  I found it ironic that back in 1990 Nirvana would have been comparable to the lesser known bands that were playing this evening and the generation that has replaced my youth has far moved passed the days of “alternative” or dare I say “grunge” music…although they did appreciate Pearl Jam which elated the heck out of me.

In all I really enjoyed the show tonight and appreciated hearing what the youth of today are jamming to as well as discovering a possible new favorite when it comes to Porcelain Raft.  If anyone has anything to share please do, I’d love to hear from you!


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