Say Anything, Kevin Devine, Fake Problems, The Front Bottoms at Firebird 4.1.12

Not knowing what I was getting myself into, the evening of Sunday 4/1 offered many surprises.  The first being that the Firebird was sold out which opted me to rent a 70-200 f/2.8 zoom lens from Creve Cour Camera which made the evening more enjoyable than usual.  The Firebird is a great venue to see music but at times it can be a bit of a job when it comes to photographing.  The lighting can be a challenge and if the club is packed, unfortunately the narrowest part of the venue is located in the area right in front of the stage.  This makes it limiting when it comes to moving around the room to get the best shots, thus is the life of a free-lance concert photographer so you deal with it but it does make for a tiring evening at times.  This night in particular was packed with four acts which provided an array of different stage sets ups and styles of bands.

Due to the fact that I photograph these shows and make no income off of them, as well as work a Monday-Friday 9-5, I don’t generally get to enjoy every bands complete set.  In fact I generally miss a good portion of the main acts set so I can get home and have time to edit before the next work day.  It might just be my age or the type of music I’m digging at this point in my life but I’ve really enjoyed picking up on some new groups these last two months whom are generally opposite to what the main crowd at the show is their to hear.  The bread-winner for me, even more so than seeing Say Anything, was being able to enjoy a complete set by Brooklyn native Kevin Devine.  If you get a chance to check this guy out you absolutely should.  He sparked my interest by sound checking Pearl Jam (go figure) and then just going right into his set without a specific stage entrance.  His sound is very similar to that of early Death Cab For Cutie with a Pop Alternative flare to it.  His latest release “Between the Concrete and Clouds” is a fine example of modern day song writing and really is one of those records perfect for a long drive when you need some down time.  I’ve had a couple listen throughs and I’m really look forward to becoming more acquainted with this record in the weeks to come and eventually exploring the rest of Kevin’s catalog.  It’s not like me to not give an entire recap of each bands set but Mr. Devine just kind of stuck with me.  I will say that all the bands were not hard to listen to and I enjoyed everyone’s set.  Say Anything was one of the most intense bands I’ve photographed to date and were awesome at getting the crowd to participate in their songs.  By the time they took stage and I got done trying to salvage some good images from their set I looked around the room at all the faces who were enjoying themselves and was just happy I got to see people enjoying art in one of its purest forms.

In all this show was awesome to be a part of and I look forward to seeing any of these acts again when they come to town.  The above images are titled with each bands name and go in order as follows: The Front Bottoms, Fake Problems, Kevin Devine, and Say Anything.  As usual feel free to leave your thoughts, which is the reason I’ve been trying to keep this blog going.  Your participation is encouraged and welcomed because I am far from an expert on music or photography so I’m interested in your input.


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