White Rabbits and Gull, Plush 4.5.12

This past Thursday, 4/5 was an evening I had been looking forward to since the last time I was able to shoot at Plush.  Let me rave first about this venue before I go on to talk music.  Plush is a 600 capacity night club off Locust around the area of the city that is located by Saint LouisUniversity.  Not only is this a concert club with a big open area and an upstairs loft that makes a fine balcony to view the show from, it is also a full service restaurant.  They serve food from 7am-1am and have 20 beers on tap, which is enough to make me never leave.  When you couple these attributes with a good night of music, it makes going out something worthwhile but that is enough of geeking out on this establishment.  Let’s talk music.

The first act of the night was a one man band fromVirginia that goes by the name of Gull.  Let me start by saying if I ever trip acid this guy’s music will be the soundtrack.  It was very trippy and much of the set blended into this wall of sound that at times sounded like an encore of each song he played prior.  The amazing thing I found was that for most of the set he wore a tribal type mask that somehow had a wireless mic secured under it, to add to this unique quality he is the only artist I’ve ever seen play the guitar and the drums while singing.  I can’t play the drums as an instrument by itself, much less take on two other tasks while trying to keep time.  After Gull’s set I was left in utter amazement of what I just witnessed, it was like a Cohen brothers movie that you have to watch twice to pick up on the subtlety of their script.  He was definitely worth seeing; I would have to say though that most of the people in the room felt like Gull was just an appetizer to get through before the main course was served.

As White Rabbits took stage the floor of Plush got tighter and tighter, which is a good indication that you’re in for a treat.  White Rabbits is led by Stephen Patterson and originally hails from close to home in Columbia, Missouri.  Many people compared this band to Spoon but after hearing their set I would have to say they are a bit more sonically polished and Pop sounding than Spoon.  I had the pleasure of standing next to Stephen’s mother for a good portion of the show, and met his 11 year old cousin who got pulled on stage later in the bands set.  I heard from other people in the room that the band had recently made an appearance on the Late Show and I really wish the band the best of luck.  You can tell this is a group of guys that have been working hard to make their mark in the business.

Again this was another night of eye opening independent rock groups that are out there just working hard, hoping to get as much exposure as possible and maintain the integrity of their art.  So if you’re not doing anything, Google shows around town and drop the $10-$20 to check something new out.  There are a lot of hard working bands making good music, so go out there and find your next favorite group or record!


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