The Land of Lincoln, A Relaxing Weekend

Last week I took some time off with my wife.  We had originally planned to go to Oklahoma to see an Eddie Vedder show but that tour has been postponed until November.  This left us with time off and the feeling of wanting to get away so we would still feel like we had a vacation.  After throwing around many ideas we came to the decision of traveling to Springfield, Illinois with the intention of having a nice affordable getaway and that is exactly what we had.

Springfield is most famous for being the resting place of President Abraham Lincoln.  His tomb is a must see if you ever pass through this town, it is located in a cemetery called Oak Ridge which dates back even earlier than Lincoln’s unfortunate passing.  The monument is of course the main attraction but the cemetery itself offers many interesting landscapes and head stones that are quite impressive.  It is comparable to a downgraded version of Calvary or Bellefontaine cemeteries, located in St. Louis.  On the back end of the cemetery there is actually a park that also offers great scenery and is nice to explore after visiting Oak Ridge.  There is also a college located in Springfield which has really helped its downtown area, providing a great selection of independently owned eateries.

On the outskirts of downtown, there is a botanical garden that is free to the public that houses a bell tower that is generally open to tour but was undergoing repairs during our visit.  If you’re a Frank Lloyd Wright fan, the Dana Thomas House is also open to tour at no charge.  Out of the three homes I’ve had the privilege to tour, the Dana Thomas House is my favorite as of yet.  About 40 minutes outside Springfield there is also the town of New Salem where Lincoln traveled through as a young man; this is where the first photograph in the above set was taken at.  As you can gather from my recant of this overnight excursion, in a weekend you would have no problem keeping your schedule filled with free activities for the entire family.

Please enjoy some of the photo’s I’ve shared above and feel free to share your own experiences from visiting Springfield!


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