Florence Delivers a Stellar Performance

For those of you who went to Florence and the Machine at the Peabody, I hope you walked away with the same thought I had.  Plain and simple, Florence has some pipes.  In fact I was so caught up in the moment that I forgot to wear my ear plugs and to be honest my adrenaline was going so fast that the room felt silent.  Sunday night was one of those nights where as a photographer everything just fell into place.  Nothing beats having the exact lens you need, getting the settings just right, and learning how to manipulate from the vantage point you’re designated to shoot from.  When you know you really walked away with great material, the feeling is incomparable and the entire experience from start to finish did not disappoint.

As I approached the loading dock of the Peabody 15 minutes before show time, I didn’t realize how unique of an experience I was going to have.  This is the first shoot where I had to check in at security and get escorted to the stage shortly before the main act is scheduled to perform.  There was no time for any pre-shoot prep that generally ensues in a photo pit.  I had the lens I was going to use and set my camera where I estimated it needed to be, and at 8:30 it was show time.  I was led through the back of the Peabody which was oddly silent until you approached the door that lead to stage right where you were all of a sudden thrown into a room of music fans filled with anticipation.  Florence took stage and in a flash three songs were done and I was back on the loading dock of the Peabody in a daze of amazement and school boy excitement.  The first three songs consisted of “Only If For A Night”, “What The Water Gave Me”, and “Cosmic Love”.  I was surprised to see the opener was the opening track off their most recent release.  Even though I didn’t have a ticket for the entire show this experience was about as awesome as it gets in my opinion and I can’t wait for the next big show that comes along the way.

As usual enjoy the photos and feel free to share these with your friends, lovers, and family.  Let me know what you think, this blog welcomes your thoughts!


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