Flowers After The Rain

For my Wednesday blog post I will be sharing some photos I shot in Springfield, Illinois after it had rained.  These conditions are perfect for taking pictures and in this instance everything was spot on.  Having a little overcast provides a perfect balance of daylight without being too harsh, in fact these photo’s weren’t digitally edited very much other than basic exposure and color corrections.  I was able to get right on top of these flowers and capture the magic of the rain bubbling droplets like they were almost painted on.  I had to share these and I hope it inspires some other people to grab their camera after an afternoon shower, go out in their back yard, and relax by snapping a few shots.

Thank you again for your support and I’d love to see other people’s photo’s, you can post your comments and pics below.


2 thoughts on “Flowers After The Rain

  1. These are really beautiful photos – it looks like if you touch the picture, your fingers will get wet. Very well done!

    1. Thanks Mel, it was a prefect mix of being in the right place at the right time. Let me know what you like best about photo’s of flowers, what images generally catch your eye?

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