Pointfest 30, A Guide to All Day Festival Photography

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Saturday and Sunday were about as perfect as anyone could ask for.  The weather was beautiful aside from the rain storm on Sunday night and the music was tremendous!  This was the first year I had the opportunity to photograph stage performances and it was somehow better than I imagined it would be.  There is nothing like being in the photo pit when a band is just “on” and there is a crowd of thousands of music fans just enjoying being outside jamming to some live tunes.  At times when a band is really giving the crowd a great performance and security is having trouble keeping up with the task of pulling kids one by one off the crowd as they surf towards the front barriers, you can’t help but get overcome with adrenaline.  This was the exact feeling when Awolnation took stage for a rock crowd who jammed straight through the rain for the couple of acts prior to them, the bass player even joined in the fun by surfing on an actual surf board on top a packed parking lot of concert goers.  This was just one story that stuck with me after thinking about this whirlwind of a weekend.  To recap, below is the line up from Saturday and Sunday:

Saturday, 5/19

-Side Stage Acts-

  • Fungonewrong
  • Inimical Drive (Pic #1)
  • Killer Me Killer You (Pic #2)
  • Shaman’s Harvest (Pic #3 & 4)
  • Greek Fire
  • Janus
  • Taproot
  • Hurt

-Main Stage-

  • Trapt (Pic #5)
  • 10 Years
  • Megadeath (Pic #6)
  • Rob Zombie (Pic #7)

Sunday, 5/20

-Side Stage-

  • Ghosts In The Machine
  • Machree
  • Kyng
  • Foxy Shazam (Pic 8 & 9)
  • Middle Class Rut
  • Cavo
  • POD
  • Awolnation (Pic 10 & 11)

-Main Stage-

  • Neon Trees
  • Chevelle (Pic 12 & 13)
  • Cypress Hill (Pic 14 & 15)
  • Incubus (Pic 16 & 17)

I have listed what pictures are of each artist in this posts’ photo gallery above, I tried to narrow it down to my favorite shots I edited so far from the weekend.  I literally walked away with a grand total of right over 4,000 images between the two days of photographing so I can’t share everything and the memories are endless, which I just might use for later posting content.  In all it was a blast, I also made a top 5 check list for anyone attending a weekend festival to guarentee you can withstand the elements.

Top 5 Must Haves at a Festival

  1. The biggest container of water the venue allow to be brought in.
  2. Sunscreen, skin cancer is bad and can make your skin look like a ball sack.
  3. Bandanna or ball cap, because there is generally little to no shade…ooh and I’m one bald mofo!
  4. Enough money for food or else be prepared to sell your body for snacks.
  5. Small poncho or trash bag which can be used as ground covering or to suffocate yourself if you can’t stand the person sitting next to you.

If you were there either day of Pointfest let me know what you thought and if you weren’t feel free to share your own “Top 5 Must Haves at a Festival”.  Also check out this link http://www.1057thepoint.com/PhotoPages/Photos.aspx?AlbumID=126914 for a more extensive album of Pointfest pics I took as well as check out some shots taken by my buddy Todd Morgan of Back Beat Photography.  This past weekend was awesomeness all around!


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