Chad Kroeger Gives His Best Hetfield Impersonation

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Last night I got the opportunity to photograph Nickelback, although the most exciting part of the evening for myself was just simply having the chance to photograph at Scottrade Center.  This is a place rich in history; any arena rock band from the past 20 years have played there.  I was in shock and awe as I snaked through the staircases that led to a massive room with a concrete floor which was lined with buses and road cases; I could do this everyday I thought in my head…until I remembered the band I was there to cover.

At times working in the media you have to endure being around an artist or personality that you would not generally choose to be around.  For a band that has grossed multimillions in record sales the stage set up with pyrotechnics were what could be expected.  What surprised me was Chad Kroeger’s obvious obsession with James Hetfield.  Chad took stage dressed in all black, black sweat bands on his wrist, and playing a black Gibson Explorer…anyone that has seen any Metallica video’s from the “Black Album” will pretty much know exactly what I’m talking about.  It was like watching a Metallica cover band that only played songs from Load and Reload.  To sum up the evening, below is a Top 5 List of the Most Interesting Moments of the Night:

1)      The drunk couple dancing 5 feet away from me that were out of shape and insisted on pulling up their shirts to get a rise out of the crowd.

2)      Chad’s “man crush” on James Hetfield.

3)      Bush canceling their set.

4)      Chad opening the show with two songs that reinforce his douche bag views of women, sexually.

5)      Over the top stage show to a half filled arena.

If you can tell my posts have become increasingly blunter.  I’m not kidding anyone, by doing this I want to spark some conversation, a reaction.  Let me know your thoughts.  Also enjoy the photos; I think a few of them make Chad look cool.


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