Anberlin Acoustic Show, Plush 6.12.12

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What can I say about the other night at Plush that I don’t always say?  If you’ve read my past posts you’ll know that I’m obviously fond of this club.  In fact I could go to a show there that consisted of only Chad Kroger of Nickleback and Scott Stapp of Creed and enjoy myself just because I’m able to chill in the venue.  Plain and simple the vibe there is perfect and the options at the bar are endless, which I believe is a perfect mix perfect for a great night.  Tuesday night in fact was unique, it was an acoustic tour which you could only assume meant that you were in store for a very laid back evening.  Little did I know Anberlin has a very devout following, where the crowd sings along with almost every song and clapping along is highly encouraged.  To sum up the evening I’ll include my obligatory Top 5 Memorable Moments of the Night list.

  1. Opening band Monsters Are Waiting raving about hometown favorite Pappy’s Barbecue as a side bar when the singer had to restart a song he fumbled (FYI, I love it when musicians display they are just normal people with a really cool job)
  2. Supporting act Mychal Cohen from Campfire OK busting into a dance move cheered on by the crowd and accompaniment by a random strobe light display
  3. Anberlin’s diverse stage set up with two percussionists
  4. Seeing joy on a girls face because I let her use my step stool to take some snap shots of whom I can only assume was favorite band, Anberlin
  5. Finding new respect for Anberlin’s single “The Feel Good Drag” as they played a stripped down version with a heavy acoustic rhythm guitar track, it’s a damn catchy song

I also apparently missed a duet with the lead singer of Greek Fire but towards the end of the show I spent some time chatting with Mychal Cohen so I only heard the tail end of Anberlin’s set.  Mychal is a stand up guy and you should check is band out, Campfire OK, they kind of remind me of Sea Wolf.  The slide show has some of my favorite shots from the evening and go in order of who played on the bill which again was Monsters Are Waiting, Mychal Cohen, and Anberlin.  I encourage everyone to catch a show at Plush, where I’ll be photographing again on June 28th for The Walkmen show.  Enjoy the black and whites, lighting was challenging so I had to be creative with my editing.


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