Black & White, a Photographers Alma Mater

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Being that I haven’t made a post for about two weeks I feel that I’m way overdue in sharing some more photography with everyone.  Recently I’ve had a break from photographing concerts which gave me time to sort through the thousands upon thousands of digital images I’ve taken since I purchased my Nikon D3100 back in April of 2011.  In fact this lead me back to my roots as I started editing random files.

I’m sure many of you that have a passion for photography started out on film, most likely 35mm.  Up until April of 2011 I was photographing with a Minolta 35mm that I received for Christmas in 1999 and from that point on I was addicted to it.  My true love was born in the world of black and white printing and photography. I found that at times color didn’t have the level of artistic expression I was looking for, and let’s be honest; it’s much more forgiving than shooting in color.  If you were to ask what I love best about black and white images it would be the fact that instead of looking at an image and being taken by the vibrance or clarity you are forced to look a bit deeper.  Many times with portraits you can get a depth of expression from manipulating your shadows and highlights, landscape shots can pop more as well by tweaking the same settings.  With a shot of an inanimate object, you can force a deeper texture by increasing your contrast and clarity levels that at times make a subject have a very two dimensional quality to it.

These are just my opinions and observations from working with black and white photography and now having the pleasure of trying to transfer over the same practicalities from photo printing into editing on a digital format in Photoshop.  Sometimes seeing a world without color is more profound; please enjoy the images I’ve included in the slideshow above.


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