Doubleheader at Plush

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The last two nights I spent photographing at my favorite club in town.  Thursday night was Young Man and The Walkmen, last night was Highway Companion and Lucero.  Below is a quick run down of my observations which is again are conveyed in my obligatory Top 5 Memorable Moments of the Night list.

  1. Getting a chance to experience The Walkmen who had a great following and who interestingly enough were more fun to watch than listen to.  In my own personal opinion I had a hard time getting into their music but they had great energy!
  2. Realizing that I am in my 30’s and at least 5-10 years older than everyone who goes to concerts, this was comforting and sad all in one.
  3. Getting into a disagreement with a Lucero fan 5 minutes after getting there and then becoming good acquaintances by the end of the night.
  4. Seeing Lucero…period.  A band from Memphis with a lot of heart, originality, and a decently good sized cult following.
  5. Being able to hang out at Plush for two nights, FYI they have Stag (amongst 20 other micro/world brews) on tap and believe me that should be the only way that beer is allowed to be consumed.

In all the two nights were a ton of fun and I went in not familiar with any of these bands only to walk away with a greater appreciation for music fans.  The pure love that people find in discovering “their band” never gets old to observe and I feel privileged everytime I get to photograph and be a part of our local indie music scene.  Feel free to comment, fill me in on the four artist included in this post, or just enjoy the photos.  Above are my favorite from the two shows and go in order of Young Man, The Walkmen, Highway Companion, and Lucero in the slide show.  There are three photos from each group, thank you again for your support and interest!



2 thoughts on “Doubleheader at Plush

    1. Thanks Hannah! It was a really fun show, Lucero was great to see. Thanks again for checking the blog out and hopefully I run into you again at a show sometime in the future!


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