A Hot One At Verizon, Warped Tour 2012

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On Thursday, July 5th I had the awesome opportunity of photographing Vans Warped Tour and I’m starting to really become a fan of shooting festivals.  It’s like a buffet of acts that you get to experience and at Warped Tour there are almost too many bands to consume.  The big headliners of this years tour are The Used, Taking Back Sunday, Rise Against, New Found Glory, and Yellowcard, which is interesting because everyone one of them other than Rise Against were totally in my constant rotation of rock bands to jam to about six years ago.  I had seen The Used once before with My Chemical Romance but every other band that played that day was a new live experience for me.  Below is my Top 5 Memorable Moments list to kind of sum up the highlights from my point of view.

  1. Being outside for 10 straight hours in 105 degree weather, it was kind of awesome also all the females that were there were wearing bikini tops so it made the heat a little easier to bare.
  2. Having Bert from The Used send a loogie my why which somehow missed me, I dodged it like Neo from The Matrix.
  3. Seeing Rise Against perform, enough said.
  4. Being in the photo pit for New Found Glory as the crowd went nuts, many crowd surfers were getting thrown towards the front including the bands vocalist Jordan Pundik.
  5. Photographing 11 bands in one day, I would totally do festival photography as my job any day!

The last time I was at a Warped Tour was in 1998 in Fenton, MO at Buder Park which was basically a huge field.  I was 14 years younger and the top bands on the bill that day were the Deftones, Reverend Horton Heat, NOFX, and Cherry Poppin’ Daddies.  Thursday was defiantly different and on a much grander scale.  I inserted a slide show above with my favorite shots of all the bands I photographed that day and they go in order as follows:

  • Yellowcard, an American pop rock act from Jacksonville, Florida (slideshow photos 2-4)
  • The Used, a popular modern rock band from Utah (slideshow photos 5-7)
  • Rise Against, chart topping punk rock act from Chicago (slideshow photos 8-10)
  • New Found Glory, a veteran punk rock band from Coral Springs, Florida (slideshow photos 11-13)
  • All Time Low, a punk pop act from Baltimore (slideshow photos 14, 15)
  • Of Mice & Men, a “metal as fuck” act that hails from Costa Mesa, California (slideshow photos 16,17)
  • Taking Back Sunday, a fantastic imo/rock/punk-pop band from New York (slideshow photos 18-20)
  • Pierce The Veil, a heavy rock band full of crazy head banging hair from San Diego (slideshow photos 22,23)
  • Anti-Flag, an intensely American punk rock band from Pittsburgh (slideshow photos 24,25)
  • Senses Fail, a hardcore band from New Jersey (slideshow photos 26,27)
  • Killer Me Killer You, awesome local St. Louis band (slideshow photos 28,29)

Enjoy the photos and if you’d like to see more of what I shot for 1057 The Point check out this link, http://www.1057thepoint.com/PhotoPages/Photos.aspx?AlbumID=128649.  Also check out Warped Tour as it rolls through a town near you, you won’t be disappointed.  The tour lasts for until August 5th so check out vanswarpedtour.com for more info!


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