The 411 on 311

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Last night I got the impromptu opportunity to photograph another great rock group from the 1990’s…the one and only 311.  I believe everyone who graduated high school between the years of 1995-2002 probably had at least one 311 song on a “mix disc” or maybe watched the football players chug tall boys to “Down” at a high school “kegger”.  “Down” was surprisingly what this veteran band opened with and right there from the get go they were smacking the crowd in the face with their awesomeness.  The first photo in my slideshow was only about 25 frames in and pretty much sums up the energy that this band of 20+ years still delivers.  This week has been a mess for me so I unfortunately didn’t stay much past the 5th song of the set which was one of their newer singles “India Ink” which proudly totes their signature chunky distorted guitar riffs that has made them a staple of most modern rock radio formats.

My apologies for such a short write up but I needed to get these posted before they were irrelevant which as you know in the digital age we live in only takes a matter of hours, sometimes minutes.  Please let me know your thoughts on the photos as well as how the rest of the show was if you attended.  It was a beautiful night and I really wish I could have stayed to enjoy the music longer than I did.



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