Live Free Or Die

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“Live Free Or Die” is the state motto of New Hampshire, and I just recently returned from a week long vacation in this wonderful state.  Live Free Or Die sounds very vehement but after being in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire for a week I completely get it.

Being in New Hampshire, and in fact anywhere in the Northeast of the United States, had a very patriotic and Americana feel to it.  The communities are small and tightly knit.  Politics is a big topic but maintaining the basic freedoms that have made our country so great for hundreds of years is the main driving force of the way of life in this region.  The drive from Missouri took my wife and I through nine states.  Once we crossed into New York from Ohio, up through Pennsylvania, across into Vermont and finally to our destination the country side was more breath-taking than I have ever experienced.  Below are my Top 5 Memorable Moments of the trip:

  1. Stopping in Vermont at a small grocery mart off a two lane highway purchasing a fresh hot veggie wrap, a local Stout brew, a bag of freshly popped herb popcorn, and a ridiculously moist scone that I enjoyed so much my wife called me a woman.
  2. Spotting what I thought was a real moose in a field and pointing it out to my wife only to find out when we got closer that it was a bronze statue of a moose that I’m pretty sure was put there to make people like us feel stupid.
  3. Driving an hour North up the coast to Maine to a town called Ogunquit with my family and jumping waves the waves.  I stayed away from the kayakers and long boarders so the sharks could get them first…Live Free or Die!
  4. Visiting Castle in the Clouds, a 10,000 square foot home built in 1914 that overlooks almost 6,300 acres of forest around Lake Winnipesaukee…ooh yeah, as well as seeing a 3,000 pound horse.  Random.
  5. Hitting up a B & B on the way home in Watkins Glen, New York where there is a state park that is a must see with a 1.5 mile long trail alongside amazing naturally formed waterscapes.

In all this vacation was a blast and I would suggest anyone explore this part of the country if given the chance.  Live Free or Die is truly the feeling I was left with, to experience this country and all the beauty it posses as well as to enjoy every freedom in my life to the fullest.  The above photo gallery is kind of like an old-time slide show people would make you sit through but without the commentary and hours of commitment, enjoy!


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