One for the Bucket List

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Last night I had the extraordinary opportunity to photograph two bands that I regard as some of the best acts to come of out of the rock/indie scene since the 1990’s.  These acts I’m referring to are none other than Band of Horses and My Morning Jacket whom I picked up on about six years ago.  Both bands have humble beginnings in area’s of the country that you would never expect rock ‘n’ roll revolutionaries to be born out out.

Band of Horses formed in Seattle but relocated back to vocalist Ben Bridwell’s home state of South Carolina to record Cease To Begin, their sophomore release which I feel pushed them into the forefront of the music community.  Let’s not underestimate their debut release, Everything All The Time, but Cease To Begin really sounds like a record from a band growing into their sound.  My Morning Jacket on the other hand formed originally and rose to success out of their hometown of Louisville, Kentucky which really plays a part in shaping their classic southern rock undertone that is present in many of their records.  Both bands also have toured with Pearl Jam which I find very appropriate because I believe these two bands are being passed on the torch that Pearl Jam and other bands of their time had lit over 20 years ago.

The show last night was amazing and having it at the Peabody Opera House was such a perfect fit.  These bands have really grown into two acts that can deliver a flawless live performance and provide a catalog that is endless with more than enough tunes to keep a crowd entertained, begging for more.  Enjoy the photos, also if you haven’t already do yourself a favor and add My Morning Jacket’s Z and Band of Horses Cease To Begin to your record catalog.  I suggest the entire catalog of both of these bands but start with those first and I guarantee you’ll want more from both of them.


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