Ultimate Guys Weekend Offered Something New

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Over the weekend of August 10th-12th Chaifetz Arena hosted the first annual Ultimate Guys Weekend which was in deed an awesome display of masculinity.  Anything and everything a guy could want was housed under one roof.  There were booths with power tools, barbeque pits and grills, cigars, Social House girls, watercraft, motorcycles, and about anything a hardcore sports fan could ask for.

There were booths set up for sport memorabilia collectors, autographs, and key speaker series where fans could listen to their idols speak candidly about their career.  This is where I got to spread my wings a bit and take photos of people actually speaking and not performing music which was not my normal experience when it comes to live event photography.  I attached a slide show with some of my favorite pics which include images of such sports icons as Corey and Leon Spinks, Aneis Williams, Tony LaRusso, and Jackie Joyner-Kersee.  You really have to get someone at the right moment when they are speaking to get a good likeness of them and I played with some angles in how I was positioning the speakers as well as how I was holding my camera.  It was a good exercise and gave me some additional experience to add to my tool shed because one should never stop learning when it comes to an art they are passionate about.

I’m sure Ultimate Guys Weekend will happen again next year, if you want a more in depth look please visit http://www.ultimateguysweekend.net.


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