Chris Jericho in Studio = Fun with Black and White Photography

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Last Monday Chris Jericho stopped by the Point studio to talk about his band Fozzy with Donny Fandango, which gave me a fun opportunity to take some photojournalistic style photos.  It’s always fun to sit in the studio and listen to an interview happen live on-air but taking usable photos can sometimes be a challenge.

Each studio set up with track lighting that are on dimmers which are mostly left in a low lit setting as you can see in these photos.  I was using a 35mm f1.8 all the way open at ISO 3200 with my shutter speed set at 160.  Even with my Nikon D3100 pretty much pushed to the limit there was still not enough light to get a really good exposure.  After pulling my RAW files into Photoshop trying to get the colorization correct was just becoming a tug of war.  Some skin tones were too red or too yellow and trying to fix some issues with images being under exposed just starting increasing the amount of noticeable noise that could be seen.  This is a prefect situation to try making images black and white which worked out fantastically.  With the amount of harsh shadows in the studio you could really up your black tones and contrast to get some very editorial looking images.  In fact I’m posting these on my blog in my portfolio because I love the depth some of these shots have and luckily I captured enough instances where you can almost see the conversation happening frame by frame.

On a completely different note Jericho was very awesome to meet, with being known mostly for his career as a wrestler it was a unique opportunity to hear him speak solely on his music career.  I remember seeing a Fozzy video about 8 years ago that reminded me of the tongue and cheek writing styles of The Darkness, through listening to what he had to say in the interview you can really tell he is serious about his music.  In fact he told Donny Fandango that he really doesn’t party much on tour so he salvage his voice to ensure that he is performing at the best of his abilities, making sure that his fans get their money’s worth.

I enjoyed being able to step away from my desk for 20 minutes and snap some photos and if you’d like to see the entire interview on video please visit this link on The Points website:


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