“More Than A Feeling” for a Rain Soaked Crowd

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Last night I had the opportunity to photograph Boston, Kansas, and April Wine at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater which was a rain or shine show as usual for this venue.  Due to the storms from Hurricane Issac it was a night of rain that went from gently showers to fairly heavy down pour, this always makes for an interesting concert going experience.  With a full line up that started at 6pm the crowd was kind of thin but filled out very nicely as the main stage acts started to play.

I went into this this show not really expecting much due to the fact that Kansas and Boston were before my time, to me they were bands that had a full catalog of great songs that have became staples of classic rock radio.  I’ll have to say this changed for me three songs into Kansas’ set when they ripped into “Dust In The Wind” and if you are a guitar player that ever dreamed of being a rock star you could only hope that some day you’d fall into a band that would have a song as successful as that cut.  Below are my Top 5 Most Memorable Moments of the night to sum up the experience:

  1. Getting completely rocked by Boston, they provided one of the most entertaining sets I’ve ever photographed with great lighting and plenty of movement on stage.
  2. Taking the time to listen to April Wine’s entire set and understanding why they are considered a “KSHE Klassic’s” artist.
  3. Having access to the “Green Room” at Verizon Wireless…thank you Miss Amy Moorehouse for providing me with a dry spot in between sets.
  4. Experiencing the music live in person that I grew up listening to in my Mom’s Chevy Impala.
  5. Hearing “Dust In The Wind” and gaining much more respect for Kansas who still play their hits as if you were seeing them in the 1970’s, front man Robby Steinhardt still delivers a very intense performance.

If you want to check out more shots I captured from last nights show in St. Louis check out the photo album on kshe95.com found at this link: http://www.kshe95.com/photopages/Photos.aspx?AlbumID=131316.


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