Women Are Art

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In between photographing concerts I’m constantly looking for content for this blog that expands my body of work, in doing this I often do random searches on my back up drives until something catches my eye.  One piece of photographic experience that I’m lacking in is shots that focus on a specific subject and modeling or portrait shots.  I’ve found that my strong suite is photographing someone in a situation where I have to observe them and wait for them to do something interesting, capture the essence of a singular moment.  In photographing portraits, models, or posed shots there is another skill that comes into play where you have to instruct someone to manipulate themselves to capture a specific type of emotion or shot.

In January of last year I had the opportunity to work on a client shoot for a second time, although this time around I was given a camera to act as a b-roll and secondary photographer.  It was a great experience to try and gain another skill set as well as expand my knowledge of this art I’ve became so passionate about.  The last two photo’s were from a rainy day sitting around the house which lead to some interesting photos at times.

Let me know your thoughts on my first stab at photographing models.  Email me at indieimagestl@gmail.com if you are someone in need of a portfolio and are looking for a trade shoot.


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