Awolnation Gives A Sold Out Crowd Their Money’s Worth

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Last night Awolnation rocked a sold out crowd at the Pageant delivering a show that had more energy than what most bands exert in the last four songs of their set.  This momentum was beautifully paired with their opening act Imagine Dragons whose frontman Dan Reynolds used a floor tom and a bass drum that was bigger than him to sporadically beat, which drove their music with a consistent pounding rhythm.  Awolnation also let the crowd in on a little secret, they were filming the show for a music video to be released at a later date.  Good for St. Louis and good for the band because this is the right thing to let a packed house of beer drinking mid-twenty something year olds know, needless to say the venue was bumping.  As always below is my Top 5 Memorable Moments of the night:

  1. Being in the photo pit for a second time for Awolnation, bottom line frontman Aaron Bruno is great to photograph and also offers interesting perspectives to capture.
  2. Hearing Awolnation whip out “Not Your Fault” for the second song in their set, which in my opinion when a band plays one of their biggest songs early in their set it is a sign that they are in their prime.  They didn’t have to save this hit until the end to keep the crowd interested but instead they played it to tell the crowd, “Get your asses ready because we’re going to rock it!”
  3. Experiencing my hometown being such a great crowd that the band acknowledged it, Bruno said at one point that “The Nation was strong in St. Louis”.
  4. Catching an Awolnation headlining tour on their debut album because next time around they will definitely have more material making it unlikely to hear every song on Megalithic Symphony live at one show.
  5. Being at an artists show that both me and my wife equally like.  To the gentlemen out there, do yourself a favor and take your lady to see this band…you will both have a great time!

As stated in my fifth memorable moment, Awolnation is one of those bands that have a very heavy female following but live they deliver a show that any person who loves a good rock show will enjoy.  The “Never Let Your Fear Decide Your Fate Tour” will be in the states until the end of October, if this band comes to a city near you I highly suggest taking the opportunity to see them.  This tour is all in mid-size theaters and I guarantee next time around you’ll see them in your local sporting arena.  Enjoy the pics, the first 13 are Awolnation and the the last 11 are Imagine Dragons.


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