Jazz in the UC

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This past Saturday was one heck of a busy day.  I started it out at 11am at Heman Park in University City and ended up on the Delmar Loop at the Pageant.  The beginning of my day had many things to offer as I was on assignment for HIP 96.3 HD3, which is a Jazz formated HD Radio station.  For those of you out there reading this that have no idea about HD Radio, you are seriously missing out on something.

HD Radio programing is quite revolutionary because it is basically the equivalent of free satellite radio.  The programing is fresh and plays a lot of independent artists that cater to specific genres.  If you attended the festival Hip 96.3 HD has a smattering of Jazz artists that fit the style that some of the acts were playing.  Below is my Top 5 Most Memorable Moments of the night.

  1. Number #1 goes to Dawn Weber…she one of the best musicians to photograph because she is very expressive as she performs and she delivered a rock star like performance at a jazz concert.
  2. The community aspect of this festival was great, many people brought their own goods to grill as well as alcohol to participate in the festivities!
  3. Hearing many renditions of traditional Jazz hits by true Jazz trios.
  4. Bach to the Future and their MIDI antics, giving Jazz an entirely different sound!
  5. Having vinyl spun in between sets.

The slide show in this post includes some of my favorite images from the day and features acts such as Dawn Weber, Bach To The Future, Trio Tres Bein, Tracer, and the All Star Miles Davis Tribute.  I believe this was the 2nd Annual University City Jazz Festival and next year I highly suggest checking it out!


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