Seether Packs Pops

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Last night was an interesting night from a crowd spectator stand point.  Pop’s in Sauget, Illinois was filled to the gills hosting Seether’s “Triple Threat Tour”, which I didn’t realize was the name until I started discussing with fellow photographer, Sean Derrick, that every band on the bill was a three piece other than Young Guns.  I made the comment that they should have billed that into the name of the tour, in which he politely pointed out what the official name of last night’s show was…as you can tell I’m huge on pre-show research.  I believe last night was also one of the first times it hit me that I am defiantly in my 30’s.  I wasn’t very comfortable being in a club filled to capacity and snickered at 21 year olds buying Apple Pucker shots.  That could also mean that I am turning into an old crotchety bastard but nevertheless is was an all around great rock show.

Below are my Top 5 Memorable Moments of the night:

  1. Getting to photograph KYNG for the second time who are a wall of sound for a three piece act, they hail from Southern California and were formed in 2008.  If you like heavy rock with chunky guitar riffs you will dig this band!
  2. Having the opportunity to photograph the other half of one of modern rocks most publicized couples.  Earlier this year I photographed Evenescence whose lead singer, Amy Lee, dated Seether’s frontman Shaun Morgan…too bad their lighting was so bad that I barely walked away with 6 shots from their set.  Ooh and thanks for serving up “Broken” and providing girls everywhere a song to sing along and cry to when their boyfriends leave them for the popular girl.
  3. Having a preppy girl look at me disgustingly as I ordered a shot of Jack Daniels and a Busch draft…sorry honey this isn’t a bar at SEMO in Sauget you must drink like you have a pair.
  4. Discovering that I’m still kind of a little boy as I photographed Sick Puppies and blushed like a 13 year old as I stood two feet away from their bass player Emma Anzai.  There is just something about rocker chicks!
  5. Being able to share the pit with a group of photographers I truely repect and enjoy working along side.  Thanks Sean Derrick, Brendan Donahue, and Ben Fournier it is always a pleasure.

To reference back to my “getting old” statement, I bailed after the first 6 songs of Seether’s set as I was tired of getting ignorantly pushed trying to make my way to the door.  Other than that I had great time and got some interesting pics for my portfolio.  Seether is featured first in the slide show, then Sick Puppies, and then KYNG.  If you were there feel free to share your thoughts as well!


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