Guided By Voices Close it Out at Plush

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Yesterday evening served up two unique opportunities for me, first is that I had the chance to see a band that I believe has intricately shaped modern day indie rock.  The second is that I was able to be a part of a great show at my favorite local venue in town.  Plush hosted as the last stopping point on Guided By Voices (GBV) recent tour “The Electrifying Conclusion”, which was exactly that.  As I tried to maintain a good spot for taking photos from in the crowd the room kept getting more and more full as the time approached for GBV to take stage.  I had caught Robert Pollard, their front man of GBV, opening for Pearl Jam back in 2006 and was instantly intrigued by the garage/alt-rock/pop sound that his solo  album had.  I had already owned the GBV record “Isolation Drills” which is a must have for indie rock lovers and since then I’ve have been waiting for the time I would get to catch the entire band live.  Below are my Top 5 Memorable Moments of the night:

  1. Experiencing a fan frenzy of die hard GBV fans who travled from areas such as Chicago and Milwaukee to catch the show.  Many people had caught multiple shows on this tour so it was nice to hear the stories and what exactly this band means to their most devote fans.
  2. Having the pleasant surprise of seeing the last date on the bands stint on the road which always has a magical quality.  Robert at many times thanked the fans for their support and the energy from the crowd can only be described as pure Rock ‘n’ Roll.
  3. Seeing a unique opening act called Detective who had many songs that embodied three things as stated by front man James Greer, “Songs about fucking up, songs about getting fucked up, and songs about both of them happening at the same time”.  Another fun fact about Greer is he played bass in GBV from 1994-1996.
  4. Getting to photograph for as long as I wanted regardless of the standard “first 3 songs” rule that generally gets enforced, this the benefit of a small club show and it was awesome.
  5. Watching Robert and the entire band smoke countless cigarettes while on stage, take random swigs of Jose Cuervo, and work their way through a beer filled cooler conveniently located to the right of the drum kit.  There are only three words to describe that type of awesomeness…”Fucking Rock Star”!

Check out my pics, I was using a Sigma 70-200 f2.8 zoom lens which gave me good results but a times didn’t let in enough light to get a real clean image.  I had some grainy “blue and green” monsters to work with when editing, which made me get creative in Adobe Bridge to turn out some pretty cool looking images.  Enjoy them and go see Guided By Voices especially if you claim to be an indie rock fan, these guys pretty much could have authored that book in modern rock history.


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