Another Awesome Klassics Show, 9.30.12

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This year marked the second time I’ve been able to be part of the KSHE Klassics show at Veterans Memorial Amphitheater and it was also my One Year Anniversary of photographing concerts professionally, so last Sunday was a big deal for me.  For those of you who don’t live in St. Louis or have lived here but never paid attention to KSHE95, it is the single longest running radio station in the country to maintain the same name and format.  KSHE has been around since 1967 and has one of the most devout fan bases I’ve ever seen a radio station have.  People go nuts for their brand and every tchotchke they can get their hands on that proudly displays the stations call letters or an image of their pig mascot, the infamous Sweetmeat.  This year also served up a collection of very significant artists like Jonathan Edwards, Ozark Mountain Daredevils, and Michael Stanley.  Below are my Top 5 Memorable Moments of the day:

  1. Having the opportunity to hear Jonathan Edwards sing two of his biggest hits “Sunshine” and “Shanty”, amazingly I had no idea these songs were his.  I’m so very glad I heard them performed and the crowd went nuts for “Shanty”!
  2. Seeing a true group of musicians, Ozark Mountain Daredevils, who formed in Missouri.  I was also surprisingly educated  by their song catalog which included the crowd favorite “Jackie Blue”.
  3. Having a chance to enjoy an afternoon and talk music with a living rock ‘n’ roll encyclopedia and local radio icon, Radio Rich.  His daughter, appropriately named Radio Rose, has learned well from him and together they offer some genuine perspective to the thing I love most…music!
  4. Listening to Michael Stanley whose band still had a good amount of punch giving them a pretty full sound which was unexpected and awesome to hear.
  5. Witnessing the frenzy over Sweetmeat which can only be compared to an adult version of how kids react to Mickey Mouse at Disney World or Fred Bird at a St. Louis Cardinals game.

If you are a classic rock fan you need to jam KSHE95 and you should also check out the KSHE Klassics show that happens every year at Veteran’s Memorial Amphitheater in JB Park.  It is a great afternoon spent enjoying good music, good eats, and good drinks!


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