PechaKucha Night at Plush, 9.27.12

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If you are like me, I still aren’t quite sure how to pronounce PechaKucha which is a presentation method that originated in Japan in 2003.  It is based on the format that a presenter gets 20 slides to present for 20 seconds each making their presentation no longer than 6 minutes and 40 seconds long.  This event was tied to St. Louis Design Week and featured some local artists and professionals who were presenting what it is that they do, many times explaining how it shapes our local community in St. Louis.  Some of the people feature are listed below:

  • Carlos Zamora discussed the culture of a city
  • De Nichols discussed the impact of design in rural America
  • Florian Kuplent from Urban Chestnut Brewery presented the making of their brew Winged Nut
  • Kimberly Reuther explored how design speaks to us as individuals
  • Sung Ho Kim and Heather Woofter touched on trends in fashion and design within society
  • Dr. Dave Messina enlightened everyone with a look into what modern day genetics is all about

It was a very unique event and offered me another type of experience in my quest to become the best photographer I can be.  Event photography is something I’m highly interested in and are more than happy to devote more time to.  If you’re in need of a photographer for your upcoming event please email me at for a package or hourly rate.  The slideshow above illustrates some of my favorite image from the night.


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