Ringo Deathstarr and Eclectic Local Openers

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Last night Texas natives Ringo Deathstarr played Plush off Locust in downtown St. Louis.  To add to the fun was a list of local acts such as Kisser, Troubadour Dali, and Tone Rodent.  Although the turn out was low, given the fact it was a Sunday night, the bands offered a unique smattering of trippy alternative rock that would entertain anyone who looks for an obscure quality in music.  Below is my Top 5 Memorable Moments from the evening.

  1. Getting to experience Troubadour Dali live for the first time whom are refreshing for a St. Louis local band and deliver a sound very simliar to the Black Angels.
  2. Having room to move around freely and get creative with my camera.
  3. Discovering Plush has Delirium on tap, order one the next time you’re there for a show and if you’re a beer aficionado you will not be disappointed!
  4. Commenting before the show to many people that the bass player from Ringo Deathstarr, Alex Gehring, was a cutie and noticing an attractive woman at the bar getting a drink by herself only to realize after the bands set started that in fact it was Alex.  Totally missed the chance to talk to her and blush like a little girl.
  5. Hearing Ringo Deathstarr deliver a great performance of a Bob Dylan tune which was unique because everything they play has an immense amount of overdrive.  I found this interesting given the fact that many Dylan covers are done with the aid of an acoustic instrument.

The lighting was a bit of a challenge so I had to try some different things in Adobe Bridge to work with the bulk of my images that were heavy shadowed with deep shades of red.  The first photos in the set are of Ringo Deathstarr, then Troubadour Dali, then Kisser, and Tone Rodent closes the slide show.


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