Alabama Shakes Shook the House

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Tonight was an awesome night of concert going and photography.  This week has been jammed packed with photo gigs and to be honest I would have rather been smacked between the legs with a wiffle ball bat than be away from home in another crowd of strangers.  Don’t get me wrong I love nothing more than being at a show and photographing but I work a full time job as well as have a wife at home.  Needless to say sometimes you just want a night off and I walked into tonight with that exact sentiment.  To add to my lack of enthusiasm I also showed up to find out there was no photo pit and I would have to fight for my place in the crowd.  Before I had even seen a band I was discounting this show.  This all changed once I got to the floor and prepared myself to photograph.  My Top 5 Memorable Moments should sum up why.

  1. Getting to see a new band that I believe will offer me a fresh set of tunes to jam.  Fly Golden Eagle can be classified as a more ’60’s rock/blues version of early Kings of Leon…if that makes sense.  I really hope this bands recordings represent what I heard live!
  2. Realizing that all the nights spent photographing in tightly packed clubs have made me a pro at situations where I have to photograph amongst the crowd.
  3. Having the great feeling of being in the groove.  The night before I photographed Grouplove which was the first time I shot at The Pageant in months, so having a double header there yielded better photos from tonights show.
  4. Running into an eclectic group of people in the crowd that did not mind a photographer moving around them to get a shot…this is rare and unbelievably appreciated.  The Pageant crowd was awesome tonight, thank you!
  5. Alabama Shakes.  That is all I can say, they were great and so much more than “Hold On”.  Shame on me for not being more familiar with their catalog before the show.

As you can see I had one of those nights I went into expecting to not enjoy at all and it ended up being the best night out of my three straight nights of concert photography.  I have the night off tomorrow and then are back again for two shows in a row at Plush.  Be on the look out for more from me Thursday and Friday night!  The first half of my slideshow are Alabama Shakes, the last nine are Fly Golden Eagle.


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