Sugar Creek Winery, A Perfect Place for Fall Foliage

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Yesterday was a perfect Saturday and was spent like they were made to be enjoyed.  A close friend of ours celebrated her birthday with friends and family at Sugar Creek Winery in Defiance, Missouri.  I have been to this winery many times but never quite got the experience that I had on this outing.  Not only was it the second weekend in October but it just so happened to be the first weekend that the fall foliage was starting to pop with color.  This was a treat for me as I had rented a lens for a family photo shoot the following day so I was determined to play with it and familiarize myself with this new toy.  It was a Nikon 17-55mm f/2.8, it is a wide angle, and it picked up some of the most vibrate colors…but enough with that talk let me get back to the fun of the day.

Sugar Creek Winery not only has the beautiful backdrop of trees and rolling hills but it is also one of the few wineries I’ve visited that is spread out to accommodate many mid-size to large size groups.  They have recently finished a covered seating area just adjacent to the main building with an outdoor service bar and there is also a more secluded area up over a hill that is nestled in between two of their vineyards.  This was so perfect for our gathering and would be prefect for a wedding reception or any kind of celebratory get together.  There were great vantage points that overlooked a field, a small garden, there was a very nice bar, a covered seating area, and an extended area that wasn’t covered that really let people spread out.  The wine also was excellent and being at the upper pavilion really made us feel like we had the winery to ourself for the day.

Saturday was prefect to enjoy good times as well as use people close to me to do test shots for portraits, much like what you’d do for an engagement shoot or wedding reception.  I’m starting to get my feet wet in this facet of photography and are always looking for opportunities to strengthen my knowledge and skill sets.  If you have an upcoming event or would like a couple/family portrait shoot please feel free to contact me at for availability and a price quote.


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