Gettin’ Lazy With My Concert Updates

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Last Thursday and Friday night I had photo gigs at Plush.  Thursday was one I had been looking forward to for sometime, Sea Wolf, and Friday I was unfamiliar with the line up.  Clatter, Goodbye June, and the Mutts graced the stage and had a tough task because it just so happened to be the same night as an important game in the Cardinals series to become the National League Champions.  Both nights provided me with more room to work with than I’m used to, so I was able to get some better angles for photos.  Plush also has the tendency to have a lot of red and blue lighting which has lead to me to become more creative in Adobe Bridge to turn around some interestingly toned images.

With this post being so far after the fact of these shows I really just wanted to share some of my favorite photos from each of the two nights.  Other than Sea Wolf I also found Goodbye June to be fantastic to watch and listen to. The Mutts had an interesting sound as well with the vocalist playing keys/synth and the guitar player switching between a six string and a bass.  Instead of my Top 5 Memorable Moments I decided to go with my Top 5 Favorite Images from the two nights.

  1. The first photo in the slide show is of Sea Wolf vocalist Alex Brown Church.  At times the light in Plush delivers some underexposed images even at an ISO 3200, f/1.8, and 125 shutter speed.  To combat this I’ve started embracing the deep blue shadow under tones and taken my saturation down while bringing up my fill light to get some very artistically color corrected shots.  This one I believe has that quality.
  2. The second image is of Goodbye June vocalist Landon Milbourn.  His intensity made a room of 25 people feel like a stadium of 22,000.  I feel this shot illustrates that perfectly.
  3. Clatter is a band that consists of a female bass player/vocalist, Amy Humphrey, and a drummer, Joe Hayes.  As I stated Plush took a hit due to the overwhelming loyalty of Cardinals fans in the good city of St. Louis.  You could tell that Amy just loved the fact that she was able to have a place to play music that night and this photo captured that.
  4. The fourth photo is again of Clatter but of drummer Joe Hayes.  With their set up being so unique I was able to get close enough to capture a very portrait like shot of a drummer which doesn’t happen often.  Love the expression on Joe’s face in this shot.
  5. The final photo in my set is of the Mutts and very rarely do I get a full and clear shot of an entire band jamming on stage, this one just screamed “let’s jam” to me.

Until the next time folks, this Friday 10/19 I photograph a local rap group called the Illphonics…a change of pace from my usual gamut of indie rock artist.


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