Goddard/Janesko Wedding, 10.5.12

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As I’ve expanded my realm of expertise in photography I have been branching out to find other avenues that can potentially provide some financial backing for this expensive industry I’m trying to compete in.  One of the most obvious ways to make a living as a photographer is to photograph weddings.  On Friday, 10/5/12 I had my first opportunity to photograph a wedding and it was quite the experience.  I had been approached by my cousin months ago to tackle this task for her and I’m very happy I did it.  I learned so much that day about portrait photography, working with large groups, working with changing lighting conditions, and trying to catch those awesome moments on the fly that make the day so special.

The slide show illustrates some of my favorite shots I captured from the day and I hope it gives you all a good example of what I can do in this type of setting.  Please feel free to contact me if you or any one you know has a upcoming nuptial to celebrate.  My prices are competitively priced and I can accommodate many different budgets, email me at indieimagestl@gmail.com for more information.


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