A New Band To Follow

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This past Friday was yet another amazing night of photography at Plush.  The line up was an unbelievable mix of indie rock awesomeness.  Girl In A Coma, Cursive, and Minus The Bear were the three bands that rocked the stage.  The only act I was remotely familiar with was Cursive whom I’ve heard from time to time on 1057 The Point HD2.  They played in between the other two acts which made for such a wonderfully paired night of music.  In fact my take back was three bands to check and learn their entire album catalogs in greater detail.  Below are my Top 5 Memorable Moments of the Night.

  1. Having a packed house for the opening band and seeing the crowd digging it very much, I don’t find that this happens often at shows.  A lot of times the room doesn’t get filled much until the main act takes stage, this was comforting and exciting all in one.
  2. Finding a new band to follow, Girl In A Coma.  Vocalist Nina Diaz is everything rock should be…fun, emotional, energetic, and sexy.  I couldn’t take enough photos of her and come to find out this act from Texas consists of three sisters and they are on Joan Jett’s record label.  Great find Joan, I applaud you whole heartedly!
  3. Finding out that the little I’ve heard of Cursive didn’t even begin to describe their intense sound.  They were a more focused indie rock version of the Toadies in my opinion, their distortion was crunchy and vocalist Tim Kasher had so much conviction in his performance that you couldn’t help but pay attention.
  4. Getting to have multiple discussions with Minus The Bear fans, one who in fact has not missed a St. Louis show from this band from Seattle in 7 years.  Seeing dedicated fans is so fantastic at a rock show, to be honest don’t listen to an artist unless you’re passionate about the art they are putting out there for you to listen to.  This keeps rock music pure which is the word I would use to describe Minus The Bear…pure.
  5. Trying to weed my way through the crowd which was so full that I had to walk around the perimeter of the restaurant just to get to the other side of the venue, I was very proud to be the Plush photographer that night to say the least.

There is literally not enough awesome things to say about this show, it the epitome of what a rock show at a local club should be and I’m stoked for my next show at Plush.  I now know I’m checking out some music in the near future and dropping some cash to because these three bands deserve all the support they can get.  The slide show goes in this order Girl In A Coma, Cursive, Minus The Bear.

Everyone keep rocking…Cheers!


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