Two Amazing Nights at The Fabulous Fox Theatre

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This Friday and Saturday was indeed a privilege and a treat for me.  Friday was Jackson Browne and Saturday was Joe Bonamassa, both of these shows took place at the Fabulous Fox Theatre.  Since I was about 5 years old I have had a fondness for the Fox, I actually got pulled up on stage during a Andy Williams show and since then I’ve always loved this venue.  There is so much history at this theatre and if you get tired of listening to the music the beautiful architecture of the building is enough to get lost in.  The photo guidelines are interesting as well because you can photograph anywhere from the pit but you can’t obstruct the view of any guest, so you are literally crawling around on the floor at times as if the theatre was your living room.  My 31 year old knees are feeling it today but I would have crawled around all night, I just can’t express enough how awesome it is just to be in this venue.  Below is my Top 5 Memorable Moments of both nights.

  1. Showing up to the Fox to photograph Jackson Browne, getting a ticket for admission to watch the show, and only having one other photographer there shooting with me.
  2. Enjoying Jackson Browne’s non-traditional set where he was basically playing whatever the crowd randomly yelled out and whatever popped into his head.  It was like watching Jackson Browne perform comfortably from his living room.
  3. Taking the time to enjoy the Jackson Browne show from the back of the theatre, sipping on a dirty vodka martini, and realizing that nights like this is why I love photographing concerts.
  4. Arriving at the Fox for Joe Bonamassa without a ticket and having to check in at the stage door which is actually the gateway to the backstage area.  It was amazing to stare at the walls of murals and signatures from artists that have preformed there over the years, this to me was almost better than having a ticket to watch the entire performance that night.
  5. Walking out the stage door to the photo pit and finding out to my surprise that I was not photographing the traditional first 3 songs, but instead getting to photography songs 4-6.  This is great because the band is generally getting very geared up by song 5 and I got to hear 7 songs of Joe Bonamassa’s set who really rocks the hell out on guitar.  AWESOMENESS ALL AROUND!

Enjoy the pics from both nights which go in order of Jackson Browne, his opener Sara Watkins, and Joe Bonamassa.  Also I encourage everyone to visit the Fox for a tour or any live production, I guarantee you will fall in love with the venue from the first step you take into the lobby.


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