Gasconade County, My Home Away From Home

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If you or anyone you know are deer hunters they are most likely getting settled at camp sitting around a fire, cooking some grub, and maybe having a beer in anticipation of opening morning tomorrow.  I’d be right there with you but for me this year my season will be cut short because I’m stuck at home nursing a horrible neck injury, per the doctor’s orders I’m supposed to sit this weekend out in hopes of being a 100% by next Thursday.  Some of you might find the thought of hunting repulsive but from a conservation stand point it is actually good for the species especially now that they live in a world over populated by humans, industry, and residential properties.  Personally the reason I look forward to it is the camaraderie, spending time with family, and enjoying my families 32 acres outside Herman, MO in Gasconade County.  I haven’t harvested a deer for 7 seasons and was really looking forward to this year to break the streak, enjoy some time with my pops, and enjoy the beautiful country side which is a nice change of scenery from good old Downtown St. Louie.

The above slide show display some of my favorite shots of the land around my families property which we use for more than hunting.  Actually if you’re ever up in Herman, MO take a drive down Highway 100 past all the hustle and bustle of the wineries and take in some pretty timber and farmland.  The second picture in the slide show is taken on the bridge on 100 that enters into Gasconade County and crosses over the Gasconade River, on a sunny day there not much that can beat that view.  Good luck to all the hunters out there be respectful of the land, maintain a code of ethics, and enjoy a break the Monday through Friday 9-5 grind.


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