Herman, Missouri and Just A Ways Past

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The weekend of 11/10 I posted a blog entry with some photos from over a year ago that I photographed in Gasconade County around my family’s property.  I was very disappointed because I was supposed to be up there with my father and uncle deer hunting, but due to a neck injury I was home resting.  This past weekend though, over the 17th, I was feeling good enough to make it to our property for the tail end of this years rifle season.  Not only was I traveling with the anxious feeling of missing out on the weekend prior I also had a new toy with me, my Nikon D7000.  I think there is a pretty noticeable difference in the images I was producing with my D3100 but I’ll let you all be the judge of that.  The photos above were taken mostly on my drive up to our property which is a very relaxing trail to blaze.

I take 44 to the Washington/HWY 100 exit which is awesome because it goes through multiple little towns and counties.  The drive goes first through Washington, then through New Haven, then through Herman, and then into Gasconade County which is actually not far from Pershing or Morrison counties.  If you’ve primarily kept to the areas in and around the city this drive is perfect to experience some of the Missouri countryside.  Herman, Missouri is most famous for their wineries and bed and breakfasts.  The first photos in my slideshow were all taken around downtown Herman.  The courthouse is actually the “Gasconade Courthouse” and dates back to 1898 – for some reason I was fascinated by it.  It looked glorious in the light of the early afternoon and I spent a good 20 minutes walking around to take photos at different angles.  The black and white photo of the statute is of Herman (known in the history books as Arminius) who was a warrior that in A.D. 9 lead an army to defeat the Romans in The Battle of Teutoburg Forest, his namesake was picked proudly to represent the City of Herman.  The rest of the photos towards the middle of the slideshow are taken around the property my family owns which are very much like my last post but I was proud of how they turned out, I love it when I capture an image that accurately reflects the artistic quality I noticed in passing with my naked eye.

Enjoy the photos and please do yourself a favor and take a drive about an hour and thirty minutes outside the city down highway 100, you’ll love it and find many things worth exploring along the way!


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