Two Front Women Who Own the Stage

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Saturday marked the first time in the past month that I’ve photographed a concert, somehow I unexpectedly got a break.  The last show I shot was on 11/3 so not only was I bitting at the chomp to photograph, I also came armed with a new camera.  Pop’s hosted the Halestorm and In This Moment show which I admittedly was interested to photograph due to each bands front woman.  Lizzy Hale of Halestorm and Maria Brink of In This Moment have both made it in Revoler Magazines Hottest Chicks in Rock Calendar and their devout fan base was enough to sell out the venue as well as deliver one hell of a rock show!  Below are my Top 5 Memorable Moments of the night.

  1. Photographing a show for the first time with my Nikon D7000.  Pop’s is the perfect setting to test a new camera out because the lighting can be a challenge so you have to adapt quickly to accommodate the lighting design of each bands set.  In other words I was completely familiar with my camera after this show.
  2. The theatrics and awesome stage set up In This Moment presented to the crowd.  One of the other photographers asked me what I thought of their show and my response was, “Dude, this bands needs to be in a bigger venue”.  In This Moment  put on a theatre caliber production from a stage inside a medium size concert club, you have to check them out.
  3. Having a case of being star struck as Maria Brink whipped off her white officers cap and thrashed around her golden locks not more than a foot or so infront of me.
  4. Realizing that Halestorm’s live act far surpasses their representation on their studio recording, Lizzy Hale delivers as much intensity and balls as any male metal singer.  I was not expecting to hear such a triumphant scream come out of such a petite person as Lizzy Hale.
  5. Having some better light and not as much smoke from the smoke machine to work with and capturing some great shots of Halestorm that represent the emotion the band puts into their performance.

I have to admit from a music listening and stylistic stand point I went to Saturday’s show not expecting much and left with a greater appreciation for each bands music as well as a bigger crush on two women that are kind of owning their place in each of their respective genres.  I would highly suggest catching this tour in a city or town near you because I have a feeling that these bands won’t be playing the club circuit very much longer.


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