The Gaslight Anthem Rock’s Pop’s

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Earlier this year I had the pleasure to photograph The Gaslight Anthem at Lollapalooza, which was unbelievable all in it’s own and to see this band outside on a nice day as they blistered through their staggered time allotted festival slot only left me with wanting to hear more.  Last night at Pop’s they took the stage swinging completing a 23 song set that closed out around midnight.  On the bill with Gaslight was the appropriately paired Greek Fire, who are a local St. Louis band that put on a stage show and bring a crowd following that is comparable to any national act.  I don’t claim to deem myself as a concert critic or even a journalist so I will make this brief and outline my Top 5 Memorable Moments of the Night!

  1. Greek Fire to say the least is just a memorable live act to experience.  By the first song lead vocalist, known as Moon, was already up on the barricades enticing the crowd to participate.  Some of the best pics a photographer can get at a show is when this type of band interaction takes place and it rocks that it happened within the first three songs!
  2. Seeing Moon come out into the crowd for the last couple songs and perform on a riser right in the middle of the venue.  I had never seen this happen at Pop’s and it was very remnant of the type of theatrics that big arena rock artists do from time to time at arena’s such as Scottrade Center which Pop’s can easily fit inside of.  It was great to see a local act give it their all.
  3. A random cameo from Story of the Year vocalist Dan Marsala came through like a tornado with a burst of screams from the mic and from the crowd.
  4. Gaslight Anthem from start to finish were just “on” last night, during the fourth song “Old White Lincoln” they ripped into “Come Together” by the Beatles for a bit and they really did the song justice.  I would love to hear their entire rendition someday.
  5. Getting to experience a full set by Gaslight was great because it gave frontman Brian Fallon a chance to converse with the crowd and not just burn through a set.  He shared a random discussion about Bush, who are playing tomorrow night at Pop’s, he went on to explain that he never understood some of the song titles or lyric references in Bush’s catalog.  Bush’s hit “Glycerin” came up which he played for a few measures ending it with the statement, “What the hell is “Glycerin” supposed to mean anyway, what is that?”

In all the concert was one hell of a rock show with emotion and intensity that carried through from the bands into the crowd with such noticeable compliance that you could sum up the evening in one word, “energetic”.   Enjoy the pics, it was a great night to be a photographer!


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