Bush Rocked It Like the 90’s Never Ended!

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Last night I had the awesome chance to photograph Bush at a venue that has a 700-1600 person capacity based on the set up of the room.  It appears that this year I have had the luck of photographing almost every band I loved listening to when I was growing up besides Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Deftones, and Metallica…but as they say, “it’s good to have dreams”.  Me falling into these opportunities could also be due to the fact that there has been a revitalization in the music from the ’90’s, which really has never left terrestrial radio air waves.  You can hear Bush as regular as you could in 1994 flipping through the dial and with retro always being cool the ’90’s culture has reached that point with today’s generation.  In 1996 I had seen Bush headline the big amphitheater in town, it was a treat for me to see them again and in such an intimate setting as Pop’s in Sauget, Il.  From the get go when Gavin took stage he was on fire and you could just feel the love from the crowd.  It was a good night all around and below is my obligatory Top 5 Moments Memorable of the Night list.

  1. Getting to photograph Brookroyal for the second time and it is always amazing to me the affect this band has on a crowd.  Brookroyal is a local act that opened the show and whose photos are in the slideshow after the Bush pics.
  2. Having amazement and awe in how energetic Gavin Rossdale was on stage.  Many people were commenting that they couldn’t believe he was 47 and that shocked me as well because he doesn’t act or look any different than what he was 18 years ago.
  3. Hearing Bush rip through a great cover of “Break On Through” by the Doors which interested me because Gavin didn’t play guitar on it.  The guitar player, bassist, and drummer where the only instruments on the cover which gave it an interesting sound because the original has the obvious work on the organ by Ray Manzarek as a main track.  I hope I find a clean audio copy of this cover from the tour at some point because it rocked!
  4. Seeing Gavin take off singing and making his way around the entire club and through the crowd right in the middle of a song.
  5. Getting to hear a set that consisted of the big hits of Sixteen Stone, a couple from Razzorblade Suitcase, and a handful off of the new album was awesome because it gave the audience a nice retrospect of where the band has been and where they are going.

Enjoy the pics, I went crazy photographing Gavin and what I included in this post isn’t even close to half of what I shot!  I walked away from last nights show feeling “Everything Zen”…sorry I had to close with some cheesy pun.


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