Every Time I Die Killed It!

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On Friday night I had the opportunity to photograph one of the heaviest and most energetic metal core bands in the industry.  Every Time I Die have been on the scene for over 10 years now and have built quite the fan base.  Their show at the Firebird was the perfect atmosphere for the grittily intense sound this band delivers.  The Chariot was one of the opening acts, which I had no idea that their frontman, Josh Scogin, was the original vocalist for Norma Jean.  If you ever see this band you will totally connect the two acts after hearing his scream…amazing!  Below are my Top 5 Memorable Moments of the Night.

  1. Observing what the new community of metal/heavy music fans consist of.  The room was filled with girls that resembled the type of women you’d find on the Suicide Girls website (which I have no complaints with) and the younger guys that were in attendance wore hoodies and skinny jeans.  This is a very different crowd than you’d see at this type of show 10 years ago and needles to say I felt old.
  2. Seeing some kid who I guess was trying to be “metal as fuck” with a busted chin bleeding everywhere.  It’s not a true metal show without someone bleeding.
  3. Getting my face melted off by Every Time I Die, who had the crowd in such a frenzy that the people at the front of the stage were actually pushed over the stage monitors and ended up sitting Indian style on the stage facing the band.
  4. Hearing Every Time I Die tag “Walk” by Pantera in one of their songs and watching kids tumbling on top of the crowd.
  5. Being pleasantly surprised by The Chariot, who as they took stage you could mistake for an indie emo band, but they came out of the gates with their first song like in Spain when they let the bulls stampede through the streets.

Enjoy the photos, I had a fun time photographing and are grateful to have walked away with the handful of useable images that I did.  The last two images are the only two of The Chariot that turned out good enough to share with everyone.  Go see these bands, it is such an intense experience some would call it religious.


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