El Monstero, The Final Night

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Last night I had the awesome opportunity to photographer the last night of a 7 show stint for El Monstero at the Pageant.  It was kind of nerve raking going into this because I knew this was a big production and had seen what my other fellow photographers had captured from previous nights, so needless to say I felt I had a bit to live up to.  This show is forming such a following that it is almost becoming one of those things that as a St. Louis native you are expected to be a fan of, kind of like how everyone’s baby pictures incorporate some form of St. Louis Cardinals memorabilia.  The show was everything that everyone has always described it to me as, “amazing”.  Below are my Top 5 Memorable Moments from the night.

  1.  This was the first time I was ever briefed before a show started regarding pyrotechnics, there were gas powered boxes that triggered flames to shoot up.  It was pretty awesome!
  2. Being able to photograph through the entire show from anywhere in the Pageant was interesting, I thank the usher who found me an open seat to camp out at.
  3. All the theatrics that went along with the show from costume changes, to an elevated riser that extended above the crowd like a tower, and the random acrobats hanging from the ceiling.
  4. Seeing guest appearances from members of other local bands around town such as Dave Farver from Super Jam, who displayed his awesome saxophone playing skills.
  5. Observing the fan base El Monstero has built and seeing the crowd enjoy this as much, maybe even more than a real Pink Floyd show.

I had people tell me for years to go see El Monstero and I never really got it until last night.  It is one of the best live music productions I’ve ever seen and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed seeing this show, so check them out the next time you see one of their dates scheduled around town.


One thought on “El Monstero, The Final Night

  1. It was wonderful to see you friend, and to see you at work…taking these photos. Adam, I could not be more proud. You did an excellent job! These are some of your best!! Dinner soon, okay? Love you! Mary

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