Top 10 Concert Images of 2012

To close out 2012 I decided to share my personal Top 10 List of Favorite Concert Photo’s from the past year.  To me the art of concert photography is catching a moment, an expression, or occurrence at a show that would be the one thing you’d have to tell somebody about after seeing an awesome show.  Below I explain why I find each image unique and appropriate for my Top 10 Pics.

10) Nelly-This came from an undisclosed location at a private engagement, which is a big reason this image is so special to me.  It was a spur of the moment occurrence that anyone who was there will remember for a long time.

9) Gavin Rossdale-Growing up Bush’s album “Sixteen Stone” was jammed on many car cassette decks as parents drove me and my friends to the mall every Friday night.  Flash forward 18 years and this photo shows the youthful rock quality that Bush’s music will always possess, those of you that graduated high school between the years of 1995-1999 will understand that.

8) Pierce The Veil-This photo was from the bands performance at Warped Tour 2012, not only do they rock but this is the best shot I’ve ever got of a drummer.  It is so…METAL!

7) Foxy Shazam-Everyone told me this band was amazing and the vocalist literally does summer solds across the stage.  This pic to me shows their intensity as a live act.

6) Alabama Shakes-This band has to be one of the most underrated acts that had a hit this past year.  The band is so much more than “Hold On” and in fact I believe they showed that live at this show by ripping into their hit for the 3rd song in their set.  

5) Sick Puppies-This show was a lot of fun and their bassist, Emma Anzai, has super fun hair to catch flowing in the air.

4) Grouplove-This photograph and show sold me on this band, I totally bought their CD the next day.  For a pop indie act they really perform with the emotion of a heavy rock band.

3) Red Hot Chili Peppers-This was a complete “bucket list moment” for me as a concert photographer.  Not only is this Flea but it’s also at Lollapalooza this past August.  This is probably my favorite concert experience of the entire year.

2) El Monstero-This photo came from a show I just shot this past Saturday.  El Monstero is an unbelievable tribute that takes Pink Floyd to the next level, it is actually a show.  The fact that they have different stage preforms is literally crack to a concert photographer, there is so much more to photograph at one of these shows.  I so look forward to the next one!

1) 311-This photo speaks for itself, I had the luck to catch vocalist Nick Hexum catching some air.  This image means a lot to me because it’s another band that is part of the soundtrack for my teenage years and even today they perform for the crowd as if “Down” was their new hit single.

I hope you enjoyed the images and I look forward to having many more exciting shows to cover in 2013.  Happy New Year and thanks for your support!


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